John Robert Stevens — A Man of God

There are many ways that John Robert Stevens is remembered today, but perhaps the core definition of his character is that he was a man of God.

  • He truly knew the Lord Jesus Christ; he had numerous experiences throughout his lifetime in which the Lord spoke to his heart and appeared to him.
  • He moved in miracles; the Lord healed the sick by his prayer.
  • He was a man of perception; he laid hands on many and spoke to them by the Holy Spirit about their destiny in God.
  • He was an eternal student of the Scriptures; he cherished the Bible and shared his love for its holy words.
  • He was an anointed, eloquent, and prolific teacher; he authored more than 11,000 messages in his lifetime.

Thousands of people experienced Stevens’ ministry first-hand, and their lives were touched and transformed in very personal ways. Stevens moved in many anointed gifts, but he never lost his personal touch; the most common recollection of Stevens by those who knew him was the sense of the love of God that was imparted through his ministry.

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