Stories About John Robert Stevens

John Helped Me Find God
By Mark Wyant

When I was a child and on into my early teens, my parents made me go to church. Therefore, I became a not very churchy type person and I found the Bible to be dead and dry. But I very much believed there was a God. I cannot remember a time that I was not given to prayer in my heart. In 1975, I had the privilege of being in the L.A. area churches for one of the biblical feasts and some Sabbath services at Anaheim. And this man opened his mouth and opened The Book! When He spoke, the Scriptures were finally alive to… Read More

Thank You, John
By Chuck Beckman

I had some experiences in Washington, Iowa that I think could display what a liberator and friend John really was for so many of us: One came in 1974. I had just had a miraculous meeting with God earlier that year that caused me to become a Christian. The Lord was trying to bring me into the Living Word fellowship, but had to take me through a process before I walked in it. I was working in a kingdom business, and my boss kept telling me about John Stevens. He gave me a couple of This Weeks, but they just went over my head…until John… Read More

John in Brazil
By Milca Oliveira Queres

In 1981 I was nine and I heard John bringing the Word in Anaheim Church. He told the history of when he was little and the offering word touched his heart, but he had nothing to give. So he grabbed the offering basket and stepped into it. This story was so real to me,  I really felt every single word of what he was saying. I was in U.S. with my family and after this morning service we went to San Diego. So, as a secret to myself, right after the evening service I grabbed an “offering basket” and I went to John and told… Read More