The Teachings of John Robert Stevens

John Stevens was able, in a very simple way, to unlock the Word of God and share it with hungry hearts. He was one of the most anointed, matured, and prolific ministries of his time. John Stevens’ life was spent actively fulfilling the ministry of imparting and speaking a living Word. As a result, he left behind a legacy of more than 11,000 messages which are still published by The Living Word today.

A few of John Stevens’ messages are available below:

To Be A Christian

In 1933, when he was fourteen, John Robert Stevens wrote out his deep commitment to Christ in “To Be A Christian.”

Continuing In The Apostles’ Teaching

In ten minutes this message identified the true basis of divine order. The false order of the Roman church and the disorder of the Protestant churches must give way to scriptural churches who continue in the apostles’ revelation teaching of the Scriptures. This is a short but basic essential revelation of divine order.

Duration: 9:30 minutes

“Continuing in the Apostles’ Teaching” is an audio release. Copyright © and (p) 1976 by The Living Word. All rights reserved.

“…And The Word Was God”

The living Word, when heard with faith, will reveal the Lord to the listener, like Jesus said of the Scriptures, “They testify of Me.” The living Word should not open up a conflict of doctrine. It should open up a walk with God. This tape includes a definition of the living Word.

Duration: 33:34 minutes

“…And the Word Was God” is an audio release. Copyright © and (p) 1981 by The Living Word. All rights reserved.

First We Love

All our service will not please Him if we have broken the greatest commandment of all. We love Him with all our heart and all our works are a love-activity.

Duration: 25:56 minutes

“First We Love” is an audio release. Copyright © and (p) 1982 by The Living Word. All rights reserved.

Dedicated To Unity

This is a chapter from the book Walking Together. In it, John Robert Stevens explains how the Lord has given the Word that we are to stand together as one, willing to lay down our lives for the brethren, contending for the unity of this Body in the name of the Lord.
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Some Things about Love

This is the title chapter from the book Some Things About Love. In this message, John Robert Stevens explains why love is the “greatest thing in the world.”
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The Man Who Thoroughly Trusts God—Psalm 91

This is a chapter from the book Sparks from the Altar. In it, John Robert Stevens describes how Psalm 91 recites the promises of God given to those who thoroughly trust in Him with all their heart.
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Kingdom Proverbs by John Robert Stevens

Found on the banners throughout this website are what John Robert Stevens called Kingdom Proverbs, sayings that he felt came by the anointing of the Holy Spirit which describe simply the principles of the Kingdom.
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Additional Teachings

Many of Stevens’ published works and recordings are available at Living Word Publications.
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